From left to right: Andreas Hellander, Stefan Hellander, Lovisa Lugnegård, Ben Blamey, Salman Toor, Adrien Coulier, Fredrik Wrede, Prashant Singh, Sonja Mathias. Missing from picture: Anass Buchnita. 

We are a computational science and engineering (CSE) group located at the Division of Scientific Computing at the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University. With a core in scientific computing, we aim to contribute to the digitalization of modern biology by developing new simulation methods, efficient and smart CSE software, and new ways to handle the rapidly increasing amount of data in biomedical applications. A prominent application area is computational systems biology, where we seek to gain insight into spatial and temporal aspects of control of cellular regulatory systems.

As an interdisciplinary team on the intersection of scientific computing, computer science molecular biology, we pursue a broad range of topics ranging from multiscale modeling to cloud computing and high performance computing to development of smart and interactive CSE software. We are participating in the eSSENCE e-Science collaboration and the Distributed Computing Applications (DCA) group at the department of Information Technology.