While we have learned a lot about gene regulation and control from single cell models, there is a limit to what can be understood without considering cell-cell interaction. However, there is a fundamental computational gap between detailed models of single cells and models of multicellular systems comprising of large number of interacting cells such as bacterial colonies, tissue and tumors.

We seek to bridge the vast computational gap between quantitative, stochastic models of intracellular regulatory pathways and coarse-level models of multicellular systems. We also engage in development of simulation methodology for modeling specific biological systems toghether with collaborators.


Recent publications:

  • Marketa Kaucka, Evgeny Ivashkin, Daniel Gyllborg, Tomas Zikmund, Marketa Tesarova, Jozef Kaiser, Meng Xie, Julian Petersen, Vassilis Pachnis, Silvia K Nicolis , Tian Yu, Paul Sharpe, Ernest Arenas, Hjalmar Brismar, Hans Blom, Hans Clevers , Ueli Suter, Andrei S Chagin, Kaj Fried, Andreas Hellander and Igor Adameyko, (2016) Analysis of neural crest-derived clones reavals novel aspects of facial development, Science Advances 2(8). 



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