Integrative Scalable Computing Laboratory

Led by Andreas Hellander and Salman Toor

Modeling & Simulation

We often use stochastic descriptions to model complex systems. Many of our projects involve kinetic Monte Carlo, agent-based models and multiscale modeling. A reoccurring theme is how to leverage distributed e-infrastructure for simulations and how to use machine learning to construct approximations.

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Artificial intelligence

A theme in the group is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make software and infrastructure intelligent, interactive and scalable. We also do disciplinary research into specific areas of ML, such as likelihood-free inference and federated ML.

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Cloud computing & data engineering

Our research on e-Infrastructure and data engineering ranges from development of new ways to manage large and fast data to massively parallel, interactive and cloud native applications, to management and scalability of cloud and edge infrastructure.

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Featured projects

Federated Machine Learning

Federated Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming our society. Machine learning models will be in every digital system we use, and it is imperative that we protect the integrity of data owners . In this project we work on training schemes, scalable implementations,...


The group participates in the eSSENCE strategic initiative on eScience, focusing on eScience tools and technologies.

Scaleout Systems

Scaleout Systems is a spin-off from the group, focusing on privacy-preserving AI and cloud-native machine learning.

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Ever wondered why your on-lattice growing domain reaction diffusion simulation wasn’t doing what you thought? Of course you have. Well, here’s why and how to fix it. New paper out today: @ruth_baker @C_A_Smith50 @MathsatBath

What will machine learning look like in 2030?

Read more about it in this interview with Scaleout's CEO Daniel Zakrisson:

#privateai #federatedlearning #machinelearning #privacy

A great seminar this morning with IBM at Epicenter Stockholm on the topic of ethics and trust in AI systems!

#privateai #federatedlearning #machinelearning #sustainableAI #privacy

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