A new semester has just started, and there is no better way to kick it off than to welcome a new group member! Anass Bouchnita has joined us for to do a postdoc in computational systems biology. He will work on multiscale methods for multicellular modeling and simulation, in a collaboration with Igor Adameyko at Karolinska Institute and Vienna Medical University in which we model systems in development driven by cell-lineage tracking data. The position is largely funded by the eSSENCE collaboration on eScience.

Anass Bouchnita received his Engineer’s and PhD degree in Modelling and Scientific Computing from the Mohammadia School of Engineering. He also obtained a PhD degree from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University. He works on the development of novel mathematical models that simulate complex physiological systems. His research interests include reaction-diffusion systems, multiscale cell-based models, PK-PD modelling, and their various applications in biomedicine.

Welcome Anass!

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