Andreas Hellander Associate Professor, Division of Scientific Computing (TDB), Department of Information Technology, Box 337, SE-751 05 Uppsala. Telephone: +46-18-471 2609, email: andreas.hellander at

Postdoctoral Researchers

Prashant Singh. Prashant received his B.Sc. (H) and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Delhi, India in 2009 and 2011 respectively. He obtained the degree of Ph.D. in Computer Science Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium in May 2016.  Prashant’s research interests span machine learning, optimization and scientific computing. His interested include Gaussian processes for large scale and distributed modeling, Bayesian optimization, active learning and surrogate modeling and optimization problems in engineering.

Ben Blamey. Ben undertook his PhD at Cardiff Metropolitan University, in partnership with a tech startup, studying data mining (especially natural language processing) in the context of social media. Subsequently, he lectured at Cardiff University, helping to establish the National Software Academy and create the Applied Software Engineering Bsc., in collaboration with industry. Before joining the Hellander Lab, he worked on connected cars at Springworks. He is broadly interested in the architecture of scientific computing systems and the representation of metadata therein.

Graduate students


Adrien Coulier.  Adrien  graduated with an Engineer’s degree in Mathematical Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rouen and a Master’s degree in Theoretical Computer Science from the University of Rouen (France). Adrien’s research interests include Parallel Computing, Probability Theory and Mathematical Modeling of Natural Phenomena.


Sonja Mathias. Following an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Computational Life Science from the University of Lübeck, Sonja received a Master of Science in Mathematics with specialization in Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing from the University of Bonn (both Germany).  Her research interests include machine learning  and the mathematical modeling of biological systems and the simulation thereof, especially at the multicellular scale.


Fredrik Wrede.  Fredrik graduated with a BSc degree in biology/molecular biology followed by a MSc degree in Bioinformatics at Uppsala University. Fredrik’s research interests include Applied Cloud Computing, Data Mining and Machine Learning, and Modeling of Biological Phenomena. Fredrik is is part of the Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (CIM) graduate school.


Anass Bouchnita. Now Assistant Professor at Ecole Centrale Casablanca, Bouskoura .

Stefan Hellander. Now software developer at ÅF.